Thursday, January 07, 2010

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these links have not been kept up to date very well...

ESL/EFL People

Steve Schackne
Michael Krauss
Jaffer Sheyholislami, Canada
Barbara Dieu, Brazil
Gregory Hadley
Lots more at ITESL-J's Personal Pages index

Sites about English

World Wide Words
The Verbivore
Survey of English Usage, Univ. College London, English mistakes
Truespel, for reform of spelling

Theory and Research: Selected sites

Wizard of the Wordsmiths, New Jersey Star-Ledger
Could Chomsky be Wrong?
Theory and Practice in Applied Linguistics
Applying Constructivism, Tim Cobb
Int'l Commission on Second Lang. Acquisition
Online bibliographies

Other CESL resources

Online resources for teachers
Lesson resources for teachers (k12, content, tutor resources)
Skill-based resources for teachers:
[ Reading ]
[ Listening ]
[ Writing ]
[ Speaking ]
[ Writing ]
Distance learning resources
Online journals
ESL/EFL communities on the web
Resources for web designers
Resources for program marketers
Integrate the web into your classes
Students' links
Directory of Professional Organizations
Jobseeker's Directory
Directory of Schools & Portals worldwide
Carbondale links
St. Louis links

Computer-related links

skype, internet telephony
Top ten recent queries at alltheweb search
World Association for Online Education
List of lists
Computer vs. Human: Writing contest
Link Law
About Debian
MacAddict- games for mac
Happy Puppy- more games
interNIC, domain registry, find domain owner
Online bibliographies and other resources

Web Design

Webby awards
Charles Kelly's Web Design Page
Art and the Zen of Web Design
Web Pages that Suck

Interesting People (not ESL)

William Labov, sociolinguist
Deborah Tannen
Panayiotis Zaphiris, human-computer interaction
Peter Pirolli, web researcher
Melius Weideman
Chuck Fager
Dave Wilton
Bilderberg -best links in Europe (might take a while to load)
Eszter Hargittai
Jeremy Taylor
Prathap Vellaiappan
Wes Clark's Avocado Memories
James Lee Weaver
Foreign Language Teachers' webpages
Incredible People

Journals, e-zines, weblogs

International Journal of Educational Technology
Journal of Asynchronous Learning Networks
Reading Matrix
Lots more online journals
Magazines, e-zines
Weblogs and communities
Blogspot: using weblogs in English language teaching
ESL/EFL weblogs
EFL/ESL Weblogs: Thinkabouts
EdBlogger Praxis
Cursor, good list of weblogs (scroll down)
Asia web log awards
Make your own

Favorite weblogs

Ron Silliman
Carbondaley Dispatch
Papyrus News
Intercultural Literacy
Regina Rodriguez
Ocean and stars
out there, my own

Other Favorites

Klezmer Mountain boys (Klezmer bluegrass)
Yellow Moon Cafe, Cobden
Earth observatory (NASA)
Error message haiku (Salon Magazine)
ZNet, for social change
Around the world
Awesome picture of Taiwan

kissing the baby

photo by Mary Lou Kowaleski


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