Wednesday, January 06, 2010

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Momoko Okada, local artist (Flash 5 req'd)
Art-Online's Fine Arts Directory
Limelight Art
Painting by Han Gan, and other Chinese art
World Civilizations image repository
Islamic Art
Art and Art History Links
International Institute for Applied Aesthetics


Folksongs, Anderer Lander
Klezmer Mountain boys (Klezmer & bluegrass)
Regina Rodriguez, Chicago
Highway 51 Revisited, best of local bands
Lyrics Library
B Major Productions (Matt Yetter, Mpls.)
Charles Kelly's music page; Flash 6 required
Charles Kelly one man band; QuickTime needed
SonicSpot's review of Multi-track editors for musicians
Worldwide internet music resources
E.L. Easton's music & lyrics site
E-lyrics archive


Haddock directory of poetry
Ron Silliman's weblog
e-poets' newswire
English 88 links
Can you Haiku?
Haiku in English, why it's popular in Japan
Haiku for People
poetry alive project
favorite poem project
David Link's poetry machine
free electronic rhyming dictionary
Contemporary Poets' Guild
Poetry resources online
Writing opportunities

Sociological tour through cyberspace
Virtual library, sociology
Culture and Society resources, Western Conn. St. Univ.


carbondale favorites

Carbondaley Dispatch
Advanced Energy Online
Neighborhood Coop
Giant City Lodge (Illinois DNR)
Jim Stewart, Latin teacher
Rory Jaros, chair maker
St. Louis links

selected carbondale businesses

New Kahala, good take-out Chinese food
Hunan Village
Rural King
Navreet Kang
710 bookstore
SIUCU (Credit Union)
Union Planters Bank
University bookstore
Saluki bookstore
Castle Perilous
Cristaudo's Cafe
Melange Cafe
CWU Thrift Shop
Rory Jaros, chair maker
University Mall

around the world:

World Area Studies, Western Conn. St. Univ.
Universidad Pedagogica, Cuba
International Turkmen University, Turkmenistan
Himalayas: International Centre for Mtn. Development
Awesome picture of Taiwan
University of Macao

Jewish stuff & klezmer

Jewish Links
Yiddish Links
Mendele, Yiddish forum
Cat in the Hat, in Yiddish (The Yiddish Store)
Margot Leverett, my sister
Jewish Haiku
Judaism and Jewish Resources


Klezmer Mountain boys (Klezmer bluegrass)
Jim, my dad: he wrote the book!
UK Environmental Technology and Services Industry (Bill)
babypix (Lydie Bea)

Friends (Quakers)

So. Illinois Friends' Meeting
Illinois Yearly Meeting
Quaker Web Ring
Many Quaker links
Scattergood Friends' School (Iowa)
Friends' Journal
Chuck Fager's works (scroll down)

colleges I attended
Cornell College, Mt. Vernon, Iowa
University of Iowa, Iowa City IA
Boston University, Boston MA

places I've worked

Minnesota English Center, U. of MN
Pittsburg State University, Pittsburg KS
ACCESS, Ashland Univ., Ashland OH
Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea

for kids

Kids on the Web
The Learning Studio
Museums and Science Centers
Official Slug Cartoon Gallery
Ladybird (will play music)
Great Sites for Kids
Children's Literature web guide
SuperKids games

adoption resources - adoption
adoption attorneys
transracial adoption
jclcs (int'l)
adoptive families
resolve of illinois
tapestry books
Illinois DCFS

other favorites

Yellow Moon Cafe, Cobden
Cursor, keeping track of the media
You guys are stupid, walking across the US
Southern Illinois Irish Festival
Carbondale peace rally
In memory of Michael Kai
New York Times Op Ed page
The human face of war
Chicago Tribune
Error message haiku (Salon Magazine)


Illinois links
Encyclopedia Britannica Online
Fight the Fog, European Commission's campaign in favor of clear English
Convenor dispute resolution
Violent women: Erin Pizzey

spider web



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